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3 Useful Features Every Samsung Galaxy Phone User Should Know

If you own a Samsung Galaxy Smartphone (which you probably do), then this topic will be interesting for you. In this post, we will go through 3 useful features that are present in all Samsung Galaxy Smartphones.

While most of the Android phones feature a lot of cool features like the double-tap to wake up or the double-tap the home button to open the camera quickly. On the other hand, Samsung offers a wider selection of features compared to most of the stock Android phones these days.

And all the features listed in this post can be seen in nearly all the Samsung Galaxy phone these days, so for instance if you want to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A51 using the ‘palm to swipe’ then you can also use this feature of other galaxy phones such as the Galaxy S20.

Okay with that said, let’s cut to the chase, here are the 3 useful features that every Samsung Galaxy phone user should know.

Samsung Galaxy Smartphone

1. Smart Stay

The first cool feature on the list is ‘Smart Stay‘, it detects your face using the front camera and by this way it can keep the screen from turning off when you are looking at it or reading something or watching something.

To enable this feature, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Settings
  • Find Display.
  • Now go to Smart Stay, and turn it on.

Furthermore, the Smart Stay icon is also available in the notifications panel which could be easier for you to turn it on or off whenever you like.

2. Motion & Gestures

Samsung provides this cool feature where you can perform certain tasks in a more non-traditional way, such as:

Direct call feature: You can easily call the contact that is currently opened on the screen by bringing the phone close to your ear, the same way you do when you receive a call.

Smart alert feature: This feature will make your phone vibrate when you pick it up if there are any missed calls or new messages.

Smart mute feature: This handy feature will allow you to silent any incoming calls or alarms by placing your hand around the top of the phone or just by putting the device upside down.

You can find all these features by going into Settings > Motions and Gestures.

3. SOS Message

Not like the other convenience features we are talking about here, SOS Message feature is like a life-saving feature that can quickly send a message to up to 4 emergency contacts when you promptly click the power button continuously 3 times.

Moreover, you can not only send a message, but optionally attach a picture and five-second audio recording.

After the feature is executed, your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone will send an SOS Message with the message “I need help!” and an update of your present location to your emergency contacts.

However, by default this feature is turned off, but you can enable it by going into Settings > Advanced Features > Send SOS Messages.

Bottom Line

And those were the 3 best features that can come in handy for any Samsung Galaxy phone user these days.

If you know any other cool features of Samsung Galaxy Smartphones that can be useful, feel free to comment down below.

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