5 Out-Of-The-Box & Practical Hiring Strategies For Recruiters

After screening dozens of applications, your mind goes in turmoil and clueless on making the best recruiting decision. This pandemic situation makes it tough to judge an applicant on the basis of online interviews. However, you need not scratch your head as we have pinned some practical tips to recruit the right candidate.

Give Them A Problem To Solve

Describe a problem they are likely to face in their job, and ask them to respond in no more than 1,000 words how they will solve it.

Ask the ones you have shortlisted to discuss their answer. By discussing their thinking behind their solution, you will verify both their competencies and their behaviors.

Enlist Them A Project To Complete

Before any formal interviews, successful applicants are asked to complete an activity they would be doing as part of their job. This shows you what your applicants can do before judgments can be made

Possible job tests might be:

  • Sales executive: Deliver a sales pitch– selling your product
  • Web designer: Design a landing page
  • Project manager: Write a plan based on a project scope
  • Customer service manager: Analyse customer service statistics and plan out the next strategy

Take Them Out From The Cliché “Interview Zone”

Taking your candidate out for lunch with the team to see how they interact is one of the innovative hiring strategies & the best way to judge them. Think of the team members you’re inviting. If all lunch guests are senior to the nominee, the dynamics would be different. In this case, the applicant may be taking care to be on their best behavior, so you won’t get an accurate picture of who you are going to deal with on a regular basis.

Determine the behaviors, and pay attention accordingly. Is the candidate listening when people are talking? How do they interact with the staff attending? Do they want to learn about others or just talk about themselves?

Try To Know More Than Just Their Job Interests

Ask the candidates what they love & are passionate about and sit back and listen. Through tales of being a foster parent, youth worker, and talented jockey you will learn so much about prospective employees.

Eyes and ears can be invaluable when you’re not in sight. Find ways to interact with your candidate, for other team members. Such recruiting strategies will not only help you find the best candidate but will also help you attract the best candidate who is the most likely to be with you for the long haul. Not only will you see a more relevant side of your candidates, but you’ll also give your candidates a much clearer view of what’s involved in the job and how it feels to your business.

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