Best Soccer Shoes That Come With Ankle Support

Ankles perform an extensive task during a soccer match, and likewise, it is very important to keep them protected regardless of whether you are carrying an injury or not. And wearing uncomfortable soccer shoes on the pitch can quickly become our Achilles’ heel out on the pitch, making you as injury-prone as Jack Wilshere on a cold Tuesday night.

It does not matter whether you are playing a full-sized match or a quick casual game of five-a-side, soccer always involves putting a lot of strain on your feet. And without the right pair of soccer shoes, you can easily be struck down by a serious case of heel pain or injury.


You can overcome this problem by opting for soccer shoes with added ankle support.

Do You Need Soccer Shoes With Ankle Support?

Certainly, this should be one of the first questions that should come to your mind. Likewise, going for soccer shoes with great ankle support is never a bad idea as there is no point in giving importance to these models if your ankles are totally healthy and fine.

However, in case you suffer from Achilles tendonitis or a similar ankle condition, then it is extremely crucial that you wear shoes that offer great ankle support.

But which soccer shoes should you go for?

Top 3 Soccer Shoes With Ankle Support

As ankle injuries are a common problem in soccer, more and more shoe brands are concentrating on offering shoes with great ankle support.

Here are the top 3 shoes that come with ankle support:

Nike Mercurial Superfly V

Nike Mercurial Superfly V FG Motion Blur

From Nike’s Mercurial series, Mercurial superfly v fg is easily one of the best soccer shoes when it comes to ankle support, especially if you are an attack-minded player. Also, it is one of the lightest soccer boots ever created, this makes them perfect not just for players with ankle problems, but also for players who jet off with their explosive pace and agility in the match.

Your selection from this list will depend mainly upon your unique style, but the Merc should be your first choice if you are not stuck on the aesthetics.

PUMA Future 6.1 Netfit

PUMA Future 6.1 Netfit is an amazingly light-weight soccer shoe, mainly designed for agile forwards and speedy wingers.

And even though the eye is instantly drawn to the extraordinary design which hosts a customizable lacing system, players with ankle issues will be more amazed by the evo KNIT collar.

Adidas Nemeziz 19+

So if you are crazy about going down the lace-less way, then the latest generation of Adidas Nemezis is certainly the way to go. Offering a surprisingly impressive tight fit considering the lack of laces, Nemeziz 19+ also comes with the unique taping-style upper wrapping throughout the shape of your foot and provides an amazingly snug fit.


It is pointless in spending too much or too little on a pair of soccer shoes and then having difficulty improving your play. Likewise, you should be able to trust your shoes as much as your teammates if you are to win.

Ultimately, Nike’s brand of Mercs has definitely made a mark while Puma has also brought to the market some interesting attraction for the feet.

Now all that remains is that you go out and buy the best ankle-supporting soccer shoes.


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