Gardening Tools For Budding Gardeners

Today gardening is not just for the greenery enthusiasts. It has become a trend due to its effect on people. It is calming, healthy and best social distancing stay at home hobby. How do you start when all you have ever done is kept a few succulents which already seem dead?  Do you feel that the grass is always greener on your neighbor’s side? Think again. With proper tools and practices, you will become a pro too.

Garden Essentials for Beginners to Help You Kickstart Gardening

1.      Gloves

The sole purpose of gloves is to protect your hands. Gardening might seem all organic and healing but can also become a thorny and splintery affair in no time. Gloves should be of a proper fit and the fabric should be waterproof all the while being breathable. They should not be too bulky, or it might become uncomfortable to work with seeds and seedlings.

2.      Garden apron

Not considered highly essential but does help you get the feel of starting gardening. They protect your clothes while potting or planting flowerbeds from the mud and soil and water stains. You can also store things like seeds in the pockets! So, I think every beginner should get one for themselves.


3.      Wheelbarrow

To move soil, mulch, or manure that could be heavy and difficult on uneven ground, you need a wheelbarrow. One wheeled, double handled, and single-handled wheelbarrows are available. For beginners and low o strength people, we recommend single-handled with 2 wheels. Store it in a clean and dry place to prevent rusting.

4.      Spade

Spades are square shovels with short handles. Their main purpose is to help in digging holes, cutting into sod, edging etc. While buying, go for stainless steel heads as they won’t rust and are strong. Once bought, will last a lifetime.

5.      Hand trowel

Wonderful for transplanting bedding plants and herbs (broad blade) and taking out weeds (narrow blade).

6.      Watering can

Is basically a container with a handle and a funnel to used water plants. These come in huge varieties.

7.      Rake

Keep your garden clean from leaves and debris. They should be sturdy. Rakes do come in many types and sizes, but we recommend a standard size rake for starters. Adjustable ones are good too.

8.      Mower

Used to cut grass. Could be self-powered or pushed. Choose eco-friendly electric lawnmowers over petrol ones. Along with bower, there are also other heavy garden machinery like leaf blower (best backpack leaf blowers 2020 can be bought online), hedge cuter (to shape, trim and groom; best if cable-free and lightweight) which needs a certain experience and help in case of beginners


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