Gift Ideas for Kids – A Gift Idea Bank

Kids are adorable and fussy. We all know that. And it is sooooo bloody difficult to buy them a present. Kids often have a wish list of all the gifts they want to receive on their birthdays and on Christmas Eve. If you are a parent then your job becomes easier as long as the gift is within your budget. But kids don’t really understand about the money restrain.

Gifts for Kids

If you are a parent or a relative, who does not know what to gift your child then you have come to the right place. I remember being super excited for my five-year-old niece’s birthday. I was looking for a good present for her. Toys were definitely not on the list! I knew most of the relatives will be giving her Barbie dolls or toys or a puzzle game.

So I decided to gift her an outfit – dashiki for kids. According to her parents, she demands to wear it everywhere. So here are some ideas to keep in mind while buying a gift for kids.


Everyone loves Legos. If you think Legos are too mainstream – think again! There is a reason for them being bought by almost every household. If you want to be unique, get them Lego of their favorite superhero. Themed Legos always work!


Puzzles are considered to be among the best gifts because they help with kid’s development and brain growth. If the kid loves dinosaurs, give them a dinosaur-themed puzzle. Even I had it as a kid. Kids love dinosaurs.


I am not suggesting you buy an encyclopedia for yourself. Kid’s Encyclopaedia is different. They have bright images and bigger font sizes. These are for kids who are curious and have a thirst for knowledge for youngsters in the world.

Bright Coloured Clothing

Kids love bright colors. If you are thinking of buying clothing, make sure to go for bright colors. A few of the clothing ideas that you can gift include – a red bow, a t-shirt with their favorite cartoon character, or their favorite superhero shorts. You can also buy bright-colored dashiki for kids. I bought it for my niece and she absolutely adores it.

Musical Instruments

Gift the kid a musical instrument (not the ones that adults use!). It could be a guitar or keyboard or a flute. The kid might just fall in love with music and grow to be a rock star.

Art Kit

I was gifted art kits so many times as a kid and I was never disappointed. Creating art can help kids with their mental growth as well as the idea of abstraction. If the kid has a flair for creativity, then he/she will paint every day. It is far better than being glued to the screen playing games.

Boards Games

These days, there are so many innovative board games to choose from. They revolve around different themes like science fiction, fantasy, history, business, alternate universe, etc.

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