How To Make Your Butt Look Bigger In Clothes

After the age of 30, our bums begin losing muscle mass and tone, making them sag and wrinkle. Things get even worse when we hit menopause, and dropping estrogen levels lead to less fat in our buttocks, making them look flat as a sweet German pancake. What’s a lady to do then?

Fortunately, you can take your butt from a flat pancake level to an impressive peach level! Here’s the secret:


1. Steer Clear of Shapeless Clothes

Shapeless sweaters, coats, and tops that fall straight down in the back and around your waist are not your best friends; these make a sweet pancake butt look, well, more pancake. All things considered, choose clothes with shape in the center back to give the presence of a rounder, more full booty. A rear lace-up coat is a superb example of how to support the appearance of your goods!

2. Dress Up in Body Skimming Dresses To Accentuate Your Hips & Booty

It may appear to be outlandish to wear a body-skimming dress or skirt when you have a flat butt. However, the objective is to wear clothing that showcases a ladylike, hourglass figure. Think A-line and full skirts, just as fit-and-flare dresses that pinch in at the waist area. Avoid baggy dresses, which will make your booty look lost.

3. Outline Your Waist

You can make the illusion of a slim waist, which will at that point help to accentuate your butt. Put differently, if you need your butt to look bigger, make your waist look thinner.

To do this, pick dresses that are belted at the waist, or pick a style that cinches at the waist. A dress that accentuates your waist by means of embellishments, for example, beading and ruching will likewise make your waist look smaller and your butt more full.

4. Wear Light or Bright Colors on Your Bottom

A lot of ladies prefer wearing dark tones on their bottom half (to shrivel their goods) and more splendid colors up top. But, if you need to remind that you have a good-looking behind, it really is ideal to wear lighter or more brilliant tones on your bottom half. Dark shadings shrink the area they cover, while light, bright tones (for example, white) expand an area. Or flawless butt lifting jeans will make the most of a flat bum.

5. Try Out Butt Boosting Shapewear

From traditional shapers that level your waist and tummy to booty-enhancing miracle workers like ‘seamless booty lifter’ made to give your bum a boost & padded shapewear shorts, there are lots that you can wear underneath to resculpt your backside.

At last. don’t let a saggy tush get you down. Give these tips a try to get the look of a superior perky posterior!

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