Interesting Facts About Pajamas

The pajamas you wear to sleep have an intriguing history:

Choosing what to wear to bed is a personal matter. You might be completely happy in a matching striped pajama set, while someone else could choose to snooze in a cute nightgown or absolutely nothing!

But do you know how today’s nightwear made it to its present state? The history of pajamas is more startling than you might think!

Where The Word Comes From:

The word “pajama” comes from the Hindi word “piejamah,” which described loose pants that were tied at the waist. The comfy trousers were admired by British colonials as the perfect thing to wear when napping in the afternoon, and it wasn’t before the time, the outfit was considered perfect for any time spent asleep.

When the colonials returned to Britain, the trend caught on.

Pajamas Aren’t Just For Sleeping

In the early 1900s, a fashion designer named Paul Poiret created silk pajamas to be worn out in public during the daytime, as well as in the evening. And today, in some Asian countries, people still like to wear full pajama sets out in public.

In Japan, this trend is taken one step further. Some people go out in something called Kigurumi, which are pajamas made to look like giant stuffed animal costumes.

Footed Pajamas Aren’t Always For Kids

Adult pajamas started out as something designed specifically for adults. The first versions were made when people began sewing socks to the bottom of their pajama pants. It wasn’t to just keep their feet warm; it was to prevent bugs like termites from nibbling on their toes.


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