Unique Crying Text Faces

Hey! Yes, you! Wherever you are just stop for a second and look around you. What do you see? Visit lenny maker what do you observe? What are the people around you doing? We know! They are lost in their own different worlds and their eyes are glued to their mobile phones!

Welcome to the 21st century where you can see and feel excessive use of smartphones and social media applications. Maybe you’re one of them, maybe you are not. But hey! We’re not judging you, there’s nothing wrong with it. After all, we must go with the flow.

And the flow is flooded with chatting currently! You can chat with anyone and everyone, with no geographical constraints.  And if you’re already a pro at it, you must know about the use of the famous emoticons.

cry face

Different Types of Crying Faces

Emoticons have many varieties, because, we humans have many feelings and we go through a lot of emotions also. However, we move one step ahead from these regular emojis and focus only on the funny and cute cry text face.

Tears Flying Everywhere

This text face shows tears flying all around it. This crying emoji will seem so genuine that you’ll feel like offering a tissue to it! This can be used in communication in place of those yellow crying emoticons. It is bigger, better, and more appealing. One doesn’t need to add many words to express the feelings once this is added to the message, it’s that impactful!

Tears Falling Straight Down

This elegant text face is all about tears falling straight down from your eyes. It highlights one dear first rolling down the cheeks and then others in the continuity. It depicts crying, but in an innocent way. It can be used during those bitter-sweet fights that you have with your loved one. So, make your chatting more interesting and fun by using these cute crying faces.

Style Tears

Well, these kinds of tears don’t represent anything serious, it is less freaky in a way! The text face shows tears in style, which adds a bit of dramatic effect. We all love to throw tantrums at our close friends for fun and these crying Kaomoji will be perfect t to use during those occasions.


Tears of Joy

Who says crying only illustrates sadness? We all have been in those moments when we feel so much joy that it comes out of our eyes as a form of tears. Remember those endings of rom-coms where there is so much happiness that we almost become teary-eyed? Yes, this cry text face will be perfect for those times!

So, next time when you hold your mobile phone and think of dropping a text, use these crying emojis to have fun during the conversations!

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