Why 15 Seconds is a Perfect Time Frame for a CPS Test

A CPS test is basically the number of clicks you get on your computer mouse over a specified time period. This game is hugely famous among teenagers and youngsters, and rightfully so! It is a perfect combination of speed and fun, adventure and enjoyment. Unlike many gaming platforms nowadays, one can play this game as many times as one would like because it is free gaming and people can have unlimited access to the same.

15-Seconds CPS Test

15 Seconds Time Limit

You can set different time limits for yourself. The time frames vary from 1 second to 60 seconds, and many more in between. The 1 second is believed to be the toughest of all, as you get very little time, and you have to act and perform faster within no time. There are 5 seconds, 15 seconds, and 30 seconds time limits as well. However, we think click speed test 15 seconds is best, and we tell you why.

Not too long, Not too short

As mentioned about the 1 sec time period, it is too fast. And the 60 seconds might be too long and slow as well. Hence, 15 seconds is the perfect time limit. Nobody is a born perfectionist, everything is a process. And same goes for this game as well, it will take time for you to get a hang of it. And thus, if you’re a beginner, this time limit will be best for you, as you will get a considerable amount of time!

Doesn’t Cause Any Harm

On a serious and honest note, the CPS test can cause problems to your health, if played continuously. This game is addictive and there’s no denying it. Gamers who take this test continuously to get maximum clicks may invite hand problems; like arthritis. But for click speed test 15 seconds, you won’t be causing any harm to your hand. It will also require you to look lesser on your screens, so you’ll be keeping your eyesight healthy as well. So, it will bring you the perfect balance of fun and keep your health in check!

Fun in a Perfect Way

As mentioned in the above two points, 15 seconds time frame is literally the perfect one. Gaming brings fun and joy. It gives people much-needed adventure. It gives them scope their boring monotonous routines, and that’s the main reason why this time limit perfectly is fun. You can have some good time while playing this game, and once you’re happy, you’ll be more determined to get maximum clicks.

If you still haven’t tried your hand at this game, go on the web right now and play this. And don’t forget to choose your preferred time period!

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